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"We were amazed that a solution could be implemented and applied this quickly"
Christophe, Controlling & Systems Supervisor - Governement Administration Basel City - Switzerland
"The installation of the Add-on was very easy and efficient. We were able to successfully use the report immediately after importing the transport request"
Gerald, SAP CCC - Government Adiministration Basel City - Switzerland
"The solution CS 311 fulfilled our requirements in every regard and saved us an enormous amount of manual work. The application is also very simple to use and affords a convenient overview of the changes to business partners associated with real estate objects."
Christophe, Controlling & Systems Supervisor - Government Adminstration Basel City - Switzerland
"I am very happy that I can finally use the CS301 report. It facilitates my job a lot. Thank you very much.“
Christine, Real Estate Management Coordinator - Government Administration Aargau - Switzerland
"This Add-on CS 315 is a helpful tool to copy REM master data and contracts from one company to another, quick, trustworthy and user-friendly. An investment for saving time and resources!"
Maria Teresa, Real Estate Management Coordinator - Property Management NEINVER - Spain
"Our customers have differing reporting requirements. By using the CS301 report, we can meet these requirements effortlessly and professionally.“
Sabine, SAP Application Manager - Property Management BOUYGUES - Switzerland
"COS-33 has the solution for our problems! Our SAP RE-FX platform has to be adapted to the actual quickly-changing Spanish Real Estate environment. COS-33 provided us with the tools we needed to have the changes done in our SAP. Serge has a deep knowledge in RE-FX and with his expertise and advise we were able to meet the needs of our business."
Victor, SAP Application Manager - Property Management NEINVER - Spain
"The report enables us to aggregate data from the entire module in one run. This saves time, because we don’t have to combine multiple reports and avoid the painful formatting in Excel. In addition, we appreciate the wide choice of selection parameters!"
Lars, Real Estate Management Coordinator - Services Post - Switzerland 

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